Students Pocket Money

Promoting Financial Literacy amongst the students community

Financial Awareness Program (For MBA Students)

The program is designed to help the students pursuing management courses to gain insights into financial planning and investment planning. The program is designed to educate them on the practical aspects of financial management.

  1. Basics of savings and Investments
  2. Investment opportunities in Financial Market
  3. (Fixed Deposits, Company Deposits, NSC, Post office Deposits, PSU Bonds)
  4. Investment in Securities market (Shares and Debentures)
  5. Investment in Mutual Funds(SIP)
  6. Choosing the right investment
  7. Asset allocation strategy
  8. Protection related products
  9. Borrowing related products
  10. Tax saving options
  11. Retirement Planning
  12. Advantage of Financial Education
  13. Investor protection and grievances redressal mechanism