Students Pocket Money

Promoting Financial Literacy amongst the students community

Financial Wellness Program (For Parents)

The program is designed to help the parents to make them understand the various aspects of financial planning and their benefits. It will help them to do a better job of their spending, saving, investing and managing risks in life. It deals with Contingency planning, Insurance Planning, Investment Planning, Specific Goals Planning like Higher Education Planning for their children, Retirement Planning, Income Tax planning and Estate Planning.

  1. Aspects of Personal Finance
  2. Importance of Financial Planning and Budgeting
  3. Financial Goals creation in a SMART way
  4. Financial Planning pyramid : Need Hierarchy
  5. Power of compounding and Time Value of Money
  6. Risk management : Protection of Life, Health and Property
  7. Choosing the right investment options
  8. Asset Allocation Strategy
  9. Savings and Investment Products
  10. Borrowing related products
  11. Tax Planning
  12. Retirement Planning
  13. Estate Planning
  14. Investor protection and grievances redressal mechanism